Director's Note

Director's Note

The photo of Graham Nash that graces the cover of notes was taken right here at the Museum of Making Music a couple of months ago during an evening that will not soon be forgotten. Not only did Graham tour our museum and see his own photographs on display within our galleries, he participated in a “meet and greet,” and then performed a full concert of his music. We were honored and inspired by his presence at this, our Play it Forward benefit event. To read more about the magical evening, see page 10 of this newsletter!

Two additional activities will round out this year’s Play it Forward fundraising campaign. First, Albert Lee and Cindy Cashdollar will perform at a benefit concert on September 9 (see page 11 for full details). And, in just a few short weeks, we will be mailing out our Annual Giving Campaign brochure. We hope you will take some time to read the brochure (a colorful piece full of updated statistics), reflect on the impact that music has in our lives—and then support MoMM through a financial gift. Of any amount. We encourage you to take your place in the movement to find understanding, goodwill, beauty, meaning and purpose through music and music making.

On the next page, you will read about some staffing changes that are occurring around the Museum. We know that change is inevitable and ongoing. We see it as a time not only for looking back but for looking forward as well. And so we wish a happy retirement to Mike Hendrickson and thank him for doing his job so well—with camaraderie, generosity, humor, and heart. As Mike leaves, new team members come on board, and we welcome them with excitement and openness, knowing they will make important contributions to the Museum just as Mike did during his tenure here.

Finally, a note of sincere thanks. To you, our supporters. You inspire us—and we hope our work here inspires you. Whether exhibitions to broaden your awareness, concerts to bring you joy, or programs to inspire a deeper connection to music, all our work is for you. And so we thank you for your participation, your support, your friendship, and your steadfastness in the belief that music and music making can change the world for the better.

Carolyn Grant, Executive Director