Performance Proposal

Thank you for your interest in performing at the Museum of Making Music. To be considered for a performance, please read through our guidelines and then submit your performance proposal.

All selected programs are presented at the Museum of Making Music are part of our annual programming series and relate to our mission and core messages:

  • Music is a global human phenomenon but also an intimate personal experience that affects my life everyday.
  • The interaction of people, instruments, and imagination makes music.
  • The interaction of music and society causes shifts in musical styles, innovation in musical instruments and the uses of instruments in making music.

Selection Criteria

Programs are selected depending on how they fit with our special exhibitions and annual programming themes. Programs are typically booked six to twelve months in advance.

Please note that the Museum does not rent out our performance space for personal recitals, CD release parties, or private performances.

Contact Information

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Artist Profile

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Program Details

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